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About MN ED Connect

This site was built for two purposes.


First, it is a response to unmet needs of diverse educators teaching in the pandemic. We know that collaboration and professional development keep us fresh (and refreshed), and we are committed to creating opportunities for educators that are free and accessible.

The second purpose of this site is to facilitate conversations and sharing around "planning forward". The pandemic has disrupted our systems. Now is an opportune time to refine the parts of our education system that have become irrelevant or broken.


We, the Western Lakes Regional Center of Excellence, ask all participants to consider this essential question:

"How can we work together to shape a 'new normal' that better serves our students, families, and communities?"

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The Western Lakes Regional Center of Excellence is one of six Regional Centers working in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education and Lakes Country Service Cooperative to support continuous improvement in Minnesota schools. Our offices are housed at Lakes Country Service Cooperative in Fergus Falls, MN. 

Business Meeting at a Cafe

For Educators & Lifelong Learners

At MN ED Connect, we provide a space for passionate educators to share ideas, insights, and engaging conversation. Through quality posts and fruitful discussions, our platform brings people together and strengthens the world of education.

Meet Our Team


Staci Allmaras

Director &

Principal Leadership Support

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