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How do I sign up?

Signing up is free and easy. Simply enter your email address, Facebook, or Google account information to create a new account in the "Sign Up/Sign In" text field. Once we verify your account, you will gain access to member groups and applicable content.

Who can see my profile?

Profiles are visible to site members.

This way, our members can easily reach out to one another to reach their networking goals.

Can I get posts removed from the site?

Absolutely. Members are able to edit their own group posts at any time. Groups are also monitored, and content that violates site rules will be removed by site administrators.

Can I be a member of more than one group?

The answer is YES. We realize that educators wear many hats throughout their careers, and while you may be primarily interested in networking around Science/STEM, for example, you may also gain a lot participating in the Middle School group.

Do I need to register in order to comment in a group?

Yes. This site is for verified educators' use only. Once you register for your free account membership and are authorized for use, you can join networking groups. Groups are private, and only approved members can see and contribute posts.

Can I invite other educators?

Certainly! The more, the merrier. Feel free to share in your professional circles and with your educator friends. Direct them to to sign up for their free membership

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