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Disrupting My Chaos

If you know me at all, I would probably not be your first choice for writing this blog.

So why am I?

My day begins with waking from dreams where I am analyzing, organizing and trouble-shooting topics around education, students and school needs, only to jump out of bed and start thinking about my day.

"What does the schedule look like today and what do I need to prepare to be ready? (Said at 3 AM when I cannot sleep because I am thinking about how to better support schools.) Right, I did that already. I am not one to procrastinate. Did I email "so-and-so"? There is a Professional Development Session that I will be leading in December...I should get that done today. Yes, I would love to join a new initiative. No, I cannot stop what I am doing to eat lunch right now. I'm sure there are leftovers in the fridge that I can eat while I am working. Oh my goodness, I can turn that into a graphic organizer! Just got another email! (I am on that because I like to be punctual, organized and dependable in every aspect of my life.) What else am I forgetting?"

And the work day begins...


Do you have a job you so thoroughly enjoy, that you live and breath it? I am definitely blessed to be an educator, where learning, being challenged, and flexibility is a daily exchange. I also know that I can get so enthralled with my work that before long, lunch has been missed and it is past supper. Time flies when you are having fun! But is it sustainable? This is where my opening line comes in. I am the first to admit that taking care of myself is not usually at the top of my list. As the day ends, I realize I have not even stopped to breathe.

Then I received a magical link to a calming room.

I opened the link to the fluid sand tray and became mesmerized by every miniscule sand grain floating around. I started thinking about how I am such a small part of such a big world and an even larger universe. I soon realized that I could make the sand grains (or little tiny humans) flow to the sound of the music I was listening to, which happened to be called "eternity". (Go figure!) I found myself contemplating my existence, my purpose and going deep into my person - thinking about how I was feeling, not just physically, but mentally too. I could feel my body relaxing, my breath slowing and my focus intensifying. Before I knew it, I had taken a profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating 5 minutes for myself.

So when is the appropriate time to rejuvenate?

Anytime! Breathe for a few minutes, color, take a canoe ride down the river, solve a puzzle, play the piano, watch some fireflies, close your eyes and have coffee in your local coffee shop, watch and listen to nature, breath in and sigh, go for a mindful walk, shake away your stress and be a rainbow for someone else. The point of all this being...don't find the time, just take it!

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