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Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting! I'm going to keep it short. I was a trained high school English teacher but found out very quickly that my passion wasn't in the subject, but the students. I'm fascinated by young people. Their sense of wonder, their neverending differences and similarities, their bravery, their brilliance, their raw emotions, the possibilities in front of them- I just wanted to be a part of it all. I wanted to help them love life and LIVE life. I went from the English classroom to an alternative school. It was in the alternative school that I felt the most at home and like I could have the biggest impact.

I now serve as a school climate specialist and take great pride in supporting schools as they try to make the experiences ALL students have within their four walls positive, challenging, uplifting, inspired, and inclusive.

I live in Wahpeton, ND with my husband and three REMARKABLE (to me;) children. We love spending time camping, playing games, watching movies, being outside, and most importantly laughing!

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Naomi Miranowski

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